We INSPIRE, Enable, and Shape the doers shaping our future.


To solve problems in sustainable ways for the betterment of all humanity through entrepreneurship and technology.


We represent, develop, promote, and distribute select products, live events and thought leader talent that inspires people to do more, enables them with skills, tools, and opportunities, and shapes their efforts with curated research, data, and a heavy dose of humanity.


A more equitable and peaceful world transformed through entrepreneurial problem solvers. 

What We Do: 

  • Thought Leader talent representation and brand development
  • Business Development as-a-Service (Go-To-Market Planning, Live Event Design and Execution, & Digital Marketing Strategy and Channel Sales) for partners and sponsors.
  • We invest selectively in cash flow generating complimentary businesses, content and event platform technologies.

Why We Do It:

  • We LOVE Humanity and LOVE Entrepreneurs
  • We LOVE solving problems and connecting great people to each other
  • We LOVE people and teams who endeavor to solve big problems
  • We BELIEVE that the world needs more Innovators and Doers
  • We BELIEVE that new skill development is paramount for the decade ahead
  • We BELIEVE the end user is the key to your Go-To-Market success
  • We BELIEVE humanity's best days lie ahead of us not behind us. 
  • We MUST create value in the world to stay sane and feel worthy of continued breathe.