Launch Haus | A Digital Holding Company


 Launch Haus Co-Founders and Managing Partners keynoting at FCSW15 (Pictured R to L- Chris J Snook and Brianne Snook)

Launch Haus Co-Founders and Managing Partners keynoting at FCSW15 (Pictured R to L- Chris J Snook and Brianne Snook)


We grow great businesses with great people!


To amplify the ability of our holdings to delight customers with products that solve real problems, fulfill their personal needs, and make the world better on a daily basis.


Through the active management of our assets we act as operator/partner-investors in select cryptocurrency, blockchain, enterprise software, consumer products, digital marketing, event/media properties, and service businesses to amplify financial performance and deliver world class customer experience.


A portfolio of operating entities that inspire, enable, and shape the new economic world order.


We focus on early stage proven entrepreneurs and lower/micro-middle market opportunities and are opportunistic in stage and structure. Our investment range is typically from $50k - $10mm+. Launch Haus operates as a no-load fund and can tailor investment solutions requiring a thoughtful approach, deep sector knowledge and a clear understanding of the company’s and other shareholders’ needs.


  • Blockchain technology development 
  • large-entry ($5m-25m+) cryptocurrency trading and segregated portfolio company creation
  • Digital marketing and consumer marketplace distribution
  • Capital formation and exchange-listed ICO development
  • Business Development as-a-Service consulting& Experience Marketing Framework customizations for companies seeking to put the customer in the heart of every business decision and outcome.
  • Event production and creation
  • We invest selectively in cash flow generating D2C businesses and complimentary B2B service and SaaS offerings that amplify digital marketing success and ROI.
  • We launch and scale blockchain related businesses and applications through direct response, digital, and channel partners on contract with equity.

Why We Do It:

  • We LOVE Humanity and LOVE Entrepreneurs
  • We LOVE solving problems and connecting great people to each other
  • We LOVE people and teams who endeavor to solve big problems
  • We BELIEVE that the world needs more Innovators and Doers
  • We BELIEVE that new skill development is paramount for the decade ahead
  • We BELIEVE the end user is the key to your Go-To-Market success
  • We BELIEVE humanity's best days lie ahead of us not behind us. 
  • We MUST create value in the world to stay sane and feel worthy of continued breathe.