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Digital Sense


Digital Sense by Chris J Snook and Travis Wright Was Published by Wiley January 2017

The pace at which innovation happens is getting faster—it’s moving in exponential ways as opposed to a linear progression. For senior leadership, that translates into a major velocity of disruption happening unexpectedly . . . all the time.

Even broadly connected global leaders with privileged access can be blindsided and see their companies lose majority market share or become obsolete with the rise of a new technology and business model.

Digital Sense lays out two inclusive frameworks for getting your organization in shape, from the technology stack on up, to combine marketing technologies and social business strategy to continuously deliver a personalized experience to ever-changing customers.

Even if you have data to prove your customers are satisfied, it doesn’t mean they’re happy and insusceptible to dropping your brand for the latest new one. These highly accessible and powerful frameworks walk you through crafting a workplace culture customized to align your customers’ specific needs to your business goals.

It reaches every employee and makes them more digitally savvy, which results in a raised level of synergy and optimized communication throughout the organization.

Once the digital ball is rolling, a reliable customer experience is achieved across all channels, and innovation becomes a part of everyday operations.

Hard to believe?

See for yourself in eye-opening case studies, up-to-date data and statistics, and cutting-edge assessments on the latest research. This hands-on authorial team keeps everything relevant to the real world that all businesses operate in, regardless of industry. These venture catalysts focus on the practical ways organizations stay nimble, including the tricks and hacks they personally use and the red flags even the pros often miss.

By looking digitally through the lens of this book, you can:

  • Turn data-driven insights into fresh solutions for deepening customer relationships and ultimately providing remarkable customer experiences on a regular basis
  • Enhance your commonsense understanding of customer service to a refined digital-sense expertise for customer experience
  • Use a “learn, plan, do” approach to reaching customers while at the same time allowing for “discover, design, deploy”innovation to improve everyday operations

Make your move now to where the marketplace will be tomorrow with Digital Sense.