To delight customers with products that solve their problems, fulfill their personal needs, and make their lives better on a daily basis.


Through the active management of our digital agency, peer-to-peer, and direct response assets we act as operator/partner-investors in select consumer products and service businesses to amplify the sales and growth with a commitment to world class customer experience.


We are building the direct-to-consumer business models and ecosystem of the future and investing in related B2B services.


We focus on early stage proven entrepreneurs and lower/micro-middle market opportunities and are opportunistic in stage and structure. Our investment range is typically from $500k - $10mm+. Launch Haus operates as a no-load fund and can tailor investment solutions requiring a thoughtful approach, deep sector knowledge and a clear understanding of the company’s and other shareholders’ needs.


  • Thought Leader talent representation and brand development
  • Business Development as-a-Service consulting& Experience Marketing Framework customizations for companies seeking to put the customer in the heart of every business decision and outcome.
  • We invest selectively in cash flow generating D2C businesses and complimentary B2B service and SaaS offerings that amplify digital marketing success and ROI.
  • We launch and scale consumer product businesses (licensed or wholly-owned) through direct response, digital, marketplace, retail, and ecommerce channels direct to consumer.

Why We Do It:

  • We LOVE Humanity and LOVE Entrepreneurs
  • We LOVE solving problems and connecting great people to each other
  • We LOVE people and teams who endeavor to solve big problems
  • We BELIEVE that the world needs more Innovators and Doers
  • We BELIEVE that new skill development is paramount for the decade ahead
  • We BELIEVE the end user is the key to your Go-To-Market success
  • We BELIEVE humanity's best days lie ahead of us not behind us. 
  • We MUST create value in the world to stay sane and feel worthy of continued breathe.