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Rebooting Retail


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REBOOTING RETAIL BOOK (Coming 3/15/2019 Repurpose Press)


The sky is green and the grass is blue in the present day world of retail, e-commerce and consumer behavior. Welcome to what the cast of the hit Netflix original Stranger Things would refer to with trepidation as “the upside down”.

As a product leader, brand marketer, private equity or c-level executive, you may already feel stretched thin by the overwhelming demands placed upon you to protect and grow your business portfolio or product line returns in the age of an always-on customer.

The job of driving growth is harder than ever. The consumer is more promiscuous and disloyal than ever with their purchasing activity, while they simultaneously demand and expect more from your brand in the way of effort, experience, and personalization with each interaction.

If you are looking for insights then this book is for you.

If conversely you are smaller startup brand feeling opportunistic and fortunate to have built your business within the last five years and grown rapidly by attacking the gaping holes of your more established competition, then keep smiling cautiously. This is not a game pitting traditional retail versus online ecommerce. This decade long shift is about customer-first business models versus product-first business model design.

The very dynamics that have given you these early market share wins are creating a chasm for sustainable long-term growth, and that chasm is getting harder to bridge. Your continued success remains extremely vulnerable to collapse. Your nimble and agile enterprise may be thriving on instagram or e-commerce/pop-up retail, but you need to worry about being commoditized or surviving the next recession-driven squeeze and consolidation.

This book will help you too.


We don’t pretend for one millisecond that this is by any means a comprehensive list of rules or that we are gurus or experts from some cloud on high. However, we are qualified to be the catalysts of this open dialogue with you and are committed to hold the space for a more powerful discourse with all of you that will provide a framework and repository for future updates and iterative changes as the rules and markets continue to evolve on each and every one of us in the game.

This text represents the time-stamped culmination of our collective 43 years of internet, ecommerce, and entrepreneurial experience. This community of peers at Buyopsy is how we keep the best-practices and “New Rules” discussion up to date and accurate.

We are in the trenches and in the board room as we both continue to invest through our funds and personal activity. Sincerely, Danny DeMichele and Chris J Snook (the authors)