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#LAUNCHNOCO 2014 Review and the #BUILDIT mantra for 2015!

                                      JOIN THE COMMUNITY AT WWW.LAUNCHNO.CO

                                      JOIN THE COMMUNITY AT WWW.LAUNCHNO.CO

When we established Launch NoCo as a community umbrella for innovators, entrepreneurs, and Do-ers to connect, collaborate, and amplify each other and the region they love, live and create in we had no idea what the response would be.  We have been blown away by the support and magic that has unfolded in NoCo this past 12 months.  We have caught the world and nation's attention as evidenced by the 3221 people from 16 States and Puerto Rico that attended #FCSW14 in May, but most recently the 27,722 (as of this post) that in one month (Nov 12 2014 publication date) have read the Launch NoCo Blueprint 2020 for Economic Development and the 32,448 people collectively who have now read in the last 14 months The Definitive Guide to the Fort Collins Startup Scene (new updates and additional content coming Q1 2015)

As stated to our growing community of 1 Million Cups NoCo crowd the other day as we celebrated our grass roots success and acknowledged every participant for all playing a role in taking the ongoing challenge to #DAF2IT (Drag a Friend to It) in 2014, this past year was about establishing a foundation for Launch NoCo and its participating cities and people, but the mantra must evolve in 2015 to #BUILDIT

Here is what it means to #BUILDIT

1) Re-Solve for the opportunity/problems you or your company has endeavored in to put yourself and your company on a new vector for growth, stability, and achievement. AKA get greedy for sustainable yet amplified growth and ROOT for all those in your community who are committed to grow their income, business, impact in NoCo this year. 

2) In order to #BUILDIT we must provide proof points that businesses can start, grow, and thrive in NoCo and that means putting our competitive hats on to win as a community by helping each other win as individuals in the various games and battles we are taking on.  Collaborate, share, mentor, give, invest and GROW this community and get on this freight trainbring talented folks to it who want to be part of NoCo's economic history in the years to come

3) Give first, Get later...Later doesn't mean never and it doesn't mean you won't get in time, but it means that as we have established and honored the Colorado way of Giving first in this past year, that we need to stay focused on GIVING with even more focus, energy, purpose and effort.  To #BUILDIT means remaining relevant and solving the problems in the community and not getting complacent with success.  It means we will be re-positioning old meetups and experimenting and encouraging you all to experiment in 2015 to help us ignite and re-fuel the established elements with hyper-relevance, more efficiency, and ease of discovery.

We thank you all for being a part of our #launchnoco community and family and wish you all safe and happy holidays while we take a brief rest to celebrate and recharge so that when the clock strikes midnight we all hit the ground running to #BUILDIT for 2015! 

To all of your success and our collective growth~Chris, Brianne, and Beckett Snook