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Catalyst Opportunity Zone

For investors who wish to defer and reduce capital gains, make tax-exempt returns, while making impact investments, we offer an intelligent way to invest in Opportunity Zones We have assembled a world class team, with expertise in investment, risk assessment and community impact. We utilize a proprietary technology to assess a multitude of data points, form strategic partnerships with other funds, and private business innovators. We optimize public grants and private sponsorships, to invest at scale in Qualified Opportunity Zones across the United States.

Chairman/Co-Founder Andrew Roettger


Chairman/Co-Founder - Andrew Roettger

The Catalyst Opportunity Zone Impact Fund (COZIF) brings together funding, technology, and strategic partners to invest at scale in high impact projects across the United States. COZIF is the first fund of its kind to use data analytics and machine learning to identify and evaluate potential projects and businesses based on hundreds of datapoints then put investors capital to use on profitable projects that can transform a community. We work with mayors, economic development officers, and city planners to plan exactly how a particular project will help their communities achieve its objectives. By analyzing the investment climate of each project and aligning ourselves closely with city planners and community leaders, we are able to get preferential access to projects at their earliest stages and maximize deal flow. We invest not just in real estate, but in businesses that are pivotal to community reinvigoration. The Fund uses data driven analytics, interactive computation and AI to assist in maximizing returns for our investors, continually evaluate the portfolio as well as create positive social impact for the communities within which we invest.