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The Clear Group of Companies and their related products focus on current and future solutions to many of the largest issues vexing the World today.

Clear Group of Companies

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It all started when…


Serious security issues exist today in the telecommunication and infrastructure technologies that either support or enable Blockchains and Cryptocurrencies.

Protecting both physical and virtual networks is a difficult task. Recent news reports show that both hardware and software wallets are at risk of being hacked through physical and software-based methodologies.

ClearFoundation is uniquely positioned in the market today. ClearCenter offers products available through an exclusive partnership with Hewlett Packard Enterprise hardware and services. By combining these services with ClearFoundation software and ClearCenter management tools, ClearFoundation can provide an unmatched and secure backbone architecture to secure Cryptocurrencies and Blockchains.

This packaged offering from ClearFoundation enables a new generation of uses including our value as a service, end-to-end secure audits, private exchanges, new mining options, and much more.

The ClearNODE Vision

In order to provide the most secure backbone for blockchains and blockchain currencies, the ClearNODE infrastructure and packaged apps protect your system on all four critical layers server, chip, disk and apps. ClearNODE is the only architecture available today that can fully secure all four layers. 

The ClearNODE Managed Service includes the Clear Digital Lifecycle Management covering 4 key aspects - system hardening, consolidation, security, monetization.